2011 Volunteers

A big THANK YOU thus far to all our wonderful volunteers who’ve helped in pulling together the first year of this unique film festival:

Pat Vaisvil, Ashley Albiniak, Kirsten Jorgensen Smith, Vonalda Utterback, Ross Smith, Kris Baker, Maureen Caussulo, Erika Schreck, Carole Lindroos, Jason Lakey, Brian Crawford, Jim Harrington, Reed Glenn, Zhi, Deb Dewey, Sara Benson, Jason Kelly, Ann Erwin, Shaelyn Sprong, Phyllis Kirk, John Rigg, Allison Bradley, Michelle Axton, Kevan Masters, Vajra Deutsch, Susan Malin, Clare Anderson, Mikael Gerzon Kesler, Mark Andreas, Lynn Segal, Tom deMers, Willa Pendergrasts, Wynne Burce, Rocky Thomposn, Karen Alfino, Debra Enevoldsen, Emilia Lesniewska, Carol Lindroos

Volunteers, we need you!  Ask the volunteers from last year, it is worth your while. We are fun, playful, driven, and on top of that we are delivering a kick ass product. Volunteer activities for pre festival include: web/social marketing, smooshing, fundraising, organization from the bottom up, etc. Volunteer activities for the event include: taking tickets, decorating, meeting and greeting, supervising workshop registration and assisting in venue set-up, etc.

Festival volunteers not only have the gratification of participating in this one-of-a-kind event; they also get to meet local and visiting filmmakers, sit in on workshops and screenings, and participate in BolderLife Dance Breaks!

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us at volunteer@bolderlifefestival.com.