2011 Theatre Program

9 Original Plays

PhotobucketLADmatters 2011 was proud to present an original theatrical program consisting of nine original plays dealing with matters of life and death:

Playwright: Mark Harvey Levine
Director: Markus Flanagan
Cast: Devavani Conroy, Sarah Domin
What would it be like to date (and break up with) God himself?

Independence Day
Playwright: Rhea MacCallum
Director: Vonalda Utterback
Cast: Heather Woodruff, Marian Bennett
A mom and her adult daughter share laughter and tears as they navigate the
difficult road of terminal illness.

Waiting For the Carp
Playwright: Linda Berry
Director: Michael Conti
Cast: Matt Ellison, Matt Barham
Two mayflies discuss the meaning of life in eight minutes, a significant portion
of their 24-hour-or-less lifespan.

The Miraculous Day Quartet, Redux
Playwright: Mary Steelsmith
Director: Rebecca Bradford
Cast: Hollie Laudal, Michael Vasieck, Tasha Halevi, Mark Labencki
Four people, late to where they needed to be on a significant day in history, blend
their individual stories, as if they were instruments in a cosmic musical quartet.

Look Back Without Anger – a 9/11 Widow Speaks
A short film with Fiona Havlish


Oh! The Humanity
Playwright: Meyung Kim
Director: Erich Toll
Cast: John Rigg and Brainard Starling
Tuck and Guy, two working class guys from New Jersey eat fried clams, stare
at the sea and contemplate life as they await the arrival of Tuck’s mother.

Playwright: Sara Ilyse Jacobson
Director: Pamela Cuming
Cast: Peter Johnson, Kim McGinnis
Glomerular filtration, anyone? A hilarious look at life through the point of view of
two kidneys.

Seldom is Heard
Playwright: Mary Steelsmith
Director: Patrick Sheridan
The term “supporting our troops” takes on new meaning through Ivan, a
young solider home with an I.E.D.-caused brain injury.

Bringin’ In the Damned Mail
Playwright: Jane Shepard
Director: Ashley Albinak
Cast: Michael Vasieck and Vonalda Utterback
You never know what the mail may bring!

Playwright: Stacey Lane
Director: Erin Kelly
Cast: All actors and directors
A woman’s journey from cradle to grave documented by the greeting cards she’s