Benjamin Breaking Barriers: Autism—A Journey Of Hope

B and Mom headshotBenjamin Tarasewicz, a gifted young speaker with high-functioning autism, has been giving inspiring and informational presentations titled Living With Autism: Breaking Through Barriers in the Boulder/Denver area. Benjamin is a charismatic speaker who moves his audiences to both laughter and tears. His message is one of hope and perseverance, and he inspires people in all walks of life to meet the challenges in their own lives.

Benjamin’s call for compassion and awareness is vital. Nationwide, 1 in 88 children are being diagnosed with autism—the fabric of society is thus changing, and we can all benefit from understanding the impacts of autism. Benjamin has been featured in several news articles and on TV. He has spoken at CU, Regis, for COD (the Colo. Dept. of Ed.), for SEAC (the Special Ed Advisory Council), at high schools, and at various community venues. Benjamin was invited to speak at the Colorado Talented and Gifted Conference, and also for the AutCom autism conference this past October, and was recognized by the ASC (Autism Society of Colorado) with their “Compassionate Youth of the Year” award in 2012.

Benjamin and his mother maintain a website, blog, and Facebook page, all listed under Benjamin Breaking Barriers. His mother has written a memoire called Benjamin Breaking Barriers:  Autism—a Journey of Hope.  Check for purchasing information.

Benjamin’s informative and inspiring multi-media presentation is titled Living With Autism:  Breaking Through Barriers.  Benjamin’s mother gives a brief introductory talk, providing background information and a sense of perspective.  Benjamin’s presentation is accompanied by power-point slides consisting primarily of engaging photos and other visuals, and is followed by a short performance element.

Event Information

SIE Film Center – 2510 E. Colfax Avenue Denver, CO 80206

  • Thursday, December 5th, 2013 at 7:30pm as part of our Opening Ceremony main program

Ticket Price: $25 all inclusive Gala, Music, Talk and Film, $15 Film, Music, Talk