BLF Meet & Greet: Laurie Haak, Fine Art Program Director and Staff Photographer

20 Sep

Note: You’ve seen their names, their faces, and know a bit about their backgrounds, and through the BLF Meet & Greet profiles you can learn a little more about the people who share their skills, passions, and talents to bring forth the mission of BolderLife.

~ How did you get involved in the BolderLife Festival, and how long have you been part of the organization?

Laurie Haak: I signed on as a volunteer just before the festival last year (2013), thinking I would be an usher or ticket-taker and next thing I knew, I was handed a BLF badge that said “Staff Photographer.” Now they can’t get rid of me! (Not that they’ve tried, mind you).

~ What is your role in the BolderLife Festival? What are some of the valuable insights you’ve gained through working with BolderLife? LH-zipline

LH: I wear a handful of different hats. I lend my photography skills to various events plus I’m a member of  the Diversity & Inclusion Committee. And not too long ago, I volunteered to head up the festival’s newly-expanded Fine Arts Program (which is going to be GREAT, by the way).

As the name says, I am truly learning to live a bolder life through my involvement with the festival, not just through the amazing content, but also through interactions with my beloved BLF “peeps” and with the wonderful people who attend our events.

~What are some of your favorite experiences/memories of being part of BolderLife?

LH: My favorite experiences have been all of my interactions with my lovely BLF cohorts. I feel so fortunate to work and play with such an insightful, caring, driven, fun, and creative group of people.

~ If you could only use four words to describe BolderLife, what would they be?

LH: Try it. You’ll see.

~ What is your hope for everyone who attends/participates in the 2014 Festival?

LH: I hope that each attendee comes away from the festival with an expanded heart and mind.

~When you’re not working on something with BolderLife what type of activities do you enjoy?

LH: I love to hike in and explore the beautiful mountains of Colorado. I am also an avid gardener, an animal lover, a photoblogographer (i.e. I blog about photography), and a landscape/nature photographer who is also beginning to dabble in environmental portraiture.

~ If you were going to give your younger self two key pieces of advice, what would you say?

LH: 1. Don’t wait until you are older to be bolder… do it now!

2. Don’t be afraid to just be yourself.

More About the Fine Art Program: As Laurie mentioned above, this year’s Fine Art Program is expanded, enhanced and sure to engage your senses on multiple levels. Works by artists Lisa Diamor, Mala Setaram-Wolfe, Linda Gleitz, Lauri Keener, and Keri Mills, will fill the lobby area of the Holiday Event Center, the venue for the 2014 BolderLife Festival. (View some samples of the artists’ work below).

Through an array of mediums, designs, stylistic approaches and vision, these artists examine some very critical issues impacting humanity, while also speaking to the power of inspiring, innovative, bold and positive thoughts, words and actions. Learn more about the 2014 Fine Art Program >>>

Reserve your space, see our various options for purchasing tickets >>>


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