Talking boldness, magic wands and youthful authenticity with Craig Zablocki

09 Oct

As we anxiously look to the start of this year’s Festival (less than a week!), we are thrilled to be bringing forth a Student Program that explores so many diverse and important topics, with the goal of cultivating emotional intelligence and social and emotional learning, which students can utilize in creating a fulfilling and empathetic life for themselves and others.

One the featured speakers in this year’s program is a familiar face, Craig Zablocki. Recently, we caught up with Craig, who returns for his second Craig1smallFestival appearance on Oct. 16, as part of the Resilience and Leadership Program. Learn more about this year’s Student Program >>>

1. Welcome back for a second year speaking at the BolderLife Festival. What does it mean to you to be part of BolderLife again this year, and what were some insights you gained through participating in last year’s festival?

Craig Zablocki: It is great to be invited back to speak this year! I love the “Bolder” part of BolderLife. The films and presentations challenge us to live a more courageous life and one of authenticity. What I recall from last year are all the wonderful people who put the event together and who participated! I’m looking forward to returning and speaking with students!

2. What are some of the things you enjoy most about speaking to and working with student groups in particular?

CZ: What I enjoy about student groups is their wonderful enthusiasm and willingness to accept others. Students seem to be more accepting of our diversity these days than when I was growing up. I love their energy, their self-expression and their challenging the status quo.

3. In a video clip from one of your seminars involving educators you tell the crowd “There’s a lot we can learn from children.” What are some of those things, and what is the response from students if you tell them you share that truth with adults?

CZ: The basis of my work with groups is we were born with all these wonderful qualities (creativity, honesty, self-esteem, joy, etc) like you would see in a 5-year-old. Then, by being conditioned, we start to make up stories about ourselves, (I’m not creative, I can’t make a difference, I’ve got to take myself seriously, etc.) A strong message for students and adults is that they have all these great gifts within themselves.

4. If you could have one super human ability, what would it be and why?
CZ: To have a magical wand, that when waved over people, would wake them up to the truth that there is nothing wrong with them.

* Enjoy a sneak peek at Craig in action…

 5. What do you think are some of the misconceptions that may prevent or hinder children and teens from being empowered to seek out their dreams?

CZ: That you have to be someone other than who you are to make a difference. I think we compare ourselves to others and make up stories that I have to have this talent, this background, this economic status, or whatever, to make a difference and that is a lie. Another irony, living in our seemingly self-absorbed culture, is thinking that we need to always be thinking of me, when in reality the dreams that help others truly do bring more joy.

6. When you’re not on the road at speaking engagements, what do you enjoy doing and what makes you laugh more and inspire you to live in the moment?

CZ: Hanging out with my son, yoga, snowboarding, reading, playing games, and spontaneous gatherings.

7. What is one of your favorite quotes, and why?

CZ: “There is nothing wrong with you.” (It’s a favorite) because most of the problems in the world, our communities, and in ourselves stem from this belief that there is something wrong with us.

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