We are so grateful for all of the support from our local and global community. Here’s what the community has been saying about BolderLife!


“I am blown away by your beautiful inspired mission! Good on you for the fantastic work you do on behalf of our kids and for the lives you touch out of love! Thats why we are here… to love and be loved and to express our hearts and to show our children how to do they same… so that their world, may be one filled with LOVE! I am so grateful I was invited to like your page! I am very excited to support your mission of love and see how it grows! With much much love and being very inspired by BolderLife! ” –  Deni Staples, BLF Facebook-friend



IMG_5842“If only the world could adopt such a wonderful vision it would be a much better place. Truthfully speaking, if we can strive every day to be a better person each day forward, better in communicating, in loving, in sharing and in purpose, many of our current global problems can be resolved. This festival is not just a film festival. Its a celebration of the arts, diversity expression, and people. Not to mention its fun, educational, and real! It’s no hob nob environment. Its a down to earth, come together, wonderful time.”
– Rose Garcia, Panelist, Participant (Rose starred in Season One of the docu-series “The Real L Word”)

craig  “I love the “freedom, love, presence and purpose through fearlessness for a more fulfilled life for all,” part of your mission. Most of my work is with individuals and groups who do if fact want that and are looking for “tools” to do so.  Who we used to be before we so called “grew up” and helping people reclaim these qualities we had as kids. Kids just want to play, they live from happiness (we live for happiness), and basically embody the mission statement of BolderLife.”
– Craig Zablocki, Speaker  (Craig is nationally known speaker and consultant, Craig has spoken to over 600,000 people internationally and in all 50 states)


“Thank you for live  streaming BLF program and this was one of the most awesome ones to have happened. Am looking forward to this years too. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
– Connie Boggs, Online Viewer (U.S.)

“One of the best moment to my eyes. The rest of streamed program was brilliant too. Thank you to share this. I would watch this again and again without any limits. It is so awesome and so true in all speeches. Tanks thanks thanks!”
– Marianne Cordier, Online Viewer (Europe)

A high school administrator told us that  “BLF was one of the most powerful educational experiences we have had outside of school.”

 Teacher from DCIS (Denver Center for International Studies) said: “Since coming back from the festival in December, many students have increased their role and participation in being student leaders.  Many joined Student Council to begin working on taking their learnings from the festival to impact our school.  Others are still working to establish a GSA in our school this semester.”

“It was an amazing time and wonderful experience! Some of the best people I’ve ever worked with!“
– Tom Parkin, BLF Director of Video Production

“Thanks so much to Erin Kelly and the rest of the INCREDIBLE BolderLife Festival staff for including me in this totally amazing and life-changing event, and thank you all for pushing me outside my comfort zone and encouraging me to live a bolder life.. “
Laurie Haak,  Volunteer, Attendee, Photographer

“There are moments in life when you have to make decisions. You know if you take this step things will change. And changes always are exciting but also very frightening. Like most of the people for years I have tried to avoid these moments to stay calm and safe. But I knew when you hide yourself you can’t grow. Being a part of BolderLife Festival has been this special moment in my life when things changed completely. I have found a safe, empowering and a powerful place to make a step forward. I have learned to face changes in my life with boldness and move to unknown paths of living. I found new ways of thinking and dealing with frightening, challenging things in life. I experienced an unexplainable energy and influence of outstanding people, gathered in the team, the guests and the event. I heard and saw moving stories, I got inspired by extraordinary people. I dared to let go emotions. And after these days of laughter and tears, of many aha-moments, outstanding cultural pieces and priceless experiences, I know I want to make these experiences possible for other people. That’s why I want to be a part of BolderLife Festival.”
– Verena Toth, Volunteer, Attendee, Photographer (Germany)


“You deserve thanks for assembling and presenting a diverse array of programs. The town of Boulder is indeed fortunate to have such talented individuals share their passion and vision. You rock!!”
– Donna Terrwilliger, Kickstarter Supporter

“I’m inspired by the BolderLife vision and the wonderful outcome of the festival. The festival is a perfect example to convince the skeptics that another world is in fact possible.”
– Mara Consoli, Director of the film, “Vittorio, Capitan Pistone e tutti gli altri”

“I had a fabulous time both as a participant, volunteer, and panelist on a non-violence panel for the BolderLife Film Festival. The festival had a wonderful community feel and the films and plays were so thought provoking, inspiring, and touching. They brought me to a deeper sense of connection to what matters in my life.”
– Mark Andreas, Participant, Volunteer, and Panelist

“Being a part of the festival was so rewarding. There was an intimacy that began and was maintained through the whole experience. Touching on so many issues, it was hard to go back to the “real” world. Why can’t we do this more often?”
– Josh Reinema, Volunteer and Attendee

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the film festival last year. The staff was wonderful to work with and put on a great event. I participated in a live radio show and a very lively Q&A discussion after the screening of my film.”
– Leslie Manookian, Producer of the film, “The Greater Good”