BolderLife Festival Celebrates BOLD educators of Colorado!

The Bold Educators Night presented by 2014 BolderLife Festival Student and Educational Programming

kids jumping

The first Bold Edcuators Night happened on June 5th at the Holiday Event Center. See pictures here. BolderLife has invited teachers, counselors, administrators and parents, to a unique event hosted and proudly presented by the BolderLife Festival.  Together we celebrated what they do for the youth of Colorado with door prizes, free food and drinks, goody bags, powerful speakers shared insight and experience about emotional education for youth and a chance to tell about a film festival centered on emotional education for youth in Denver

BolderLife is a 501c3 non-profit that supports emotional education and growth with programming aimed at high-school students and the wider community. We introduce difficult and taboo topics through film, theatre, and dance, then deepen the conversation with professional speakers and workshops that help audiences explore discomfort, cultivate mindfulness and live in courage. Our event brings community together to learn and grow both locally at our yearly event and internationally through our live-stream.

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