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That’s it!

09 Dec

That’s it! BolderLife Festival 2013 is history. Guests, staff and live stream viewers have shared and celebrated a wonderful closing gala.               Artistic Director Erin Kelly and the staff members Jobi Berger (Filmmaker Liaison) and Dawn  Bower (Director Educational/Theater Program) announced the award winners 2013: Audience Choice Awards: Feature […]

What is your BolderLife?

23 Sep

  We have a big vision here at BolderLife, and we are excited to bring it to the world. Everyone of our staff members has internalized this vision and the mission: We are living BolderLife… in many different ways.   Learn what staff member  Dawn Bower, Theatrical Program and Student Outreach Program Director,  says about […]

Welcome to BolderLife

13 Sep

by Artistic Director ERIN KELLY Reaching a place of peace and excitement when thinking about future years of BolderLife hasn’t been an easy journey.   I spent much of the spring and early summer contemplating the future of BolderLife, speaking with other business owners, entrepreneurs, and people who know me well and have seen me […]


09 Sep

Sometimes people come into your life for some reason. And they change your life completely simply with their presence. Maybe you don’t recognize these differences immediately. But later if you are looking back you understand how much impact this person has had. And you know you will never be the same. Some years ago I […]

A small story about a great love

05 Sep

Did you ever think about the famous phrase: “In good times as in bad”? I never did understand what this really meant before I met this elder couple. I want to speak about an occurrence that impressed me very much. As a reporter for a local newspaper sometimes I am writing about couples who are […]

Come be a part of bringing our vision to life!

02 Sep

Summer is ending, autumn days come quickly and soon the 3rd Annual BolderLife Festival will be taking place for the first time at the new venue in Denver. There’s still a lot to be done for Artistic Director, Erin Kelly, and the staff members of BolderLife Festival. Today communications manager Chris Schenk is revealing about his work for […]