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Talking boldness, magic wands and youthful authenticity with Craig Zablocki

09 Oct

As we anxiously look to the start of this year’s Festival (less than a week!), we are thrilled to be bringing forth a Student Program that explores so many diverse and important topics, with the goal of cultivating emotional intelligence and social and emotional learning, which students can utilize in creating a fulfilling and empathetic […]

iEmpathize bringing message of empowerment and empathy

07 Oct

Have you ever witnessed or experienced exploitation? While your initial response to that question may be an unequivocal ‘no,’ consider this: Have you ever seen someone being bullied, or been bullied yourself? Observed someone taking advantage of another person’s vulnerabilities, for his or her own gain? If you answered yes to either of these scenarios, […]

Spotlight on Bold Filmmakers of Colorado

06 Mar

Film Submissions for the BolderLife Festival 2014 event are open now! Spotlight: Indie Colorado Colorado is the home of many talented and bold filmmakers, it is also the backdrop for filmmakers from around the world because our beautiful state is full of sunshine as well as a wide range of unique and scenic locations. Whatever […]

BolderLOVE = BolderLife

05 Feb

Hello to all you BolderLife LOVERS! Monthly Donors are the sustaining life force of BolderLife! Help keep our vision strong by joining today! Your contribution, large or small WILL make a difference! Over the last 3 years, our festival has touched the lives of thousands of individuals attending our event in Colorado and abroad via […]

A Journey to Overcoming Tragedy

08 Dec

Grief can be amongst the most challenging emotions that we experience in a lifetime. What we each choose to do with our grief varies, but many often find comfort in sharing their stories. We each create a unique path on our road to recovery, whether it be an inner, private process, or manifested through the […]

BolderLife Education: Panel with The blue bench

07 Dec

Our educational program sets us apart from other festivals. BolderLife invites local and international educators to provide an authentic voice on topics that are relevant to the film line up as well as to living a “bolder life”.  It is a concept that focuses on reaching out to people and striking up conversation. It is an […]