Call 2 Action

Teen Suicide, Bullying, LGBTQI and Parenting

Host: Out Boulder
Cost: Free
Friday, Sept 2nd at 1:50pm in the Education Center
Following the Polish film Suicide Room, Out Boulder representatives and other speakers lead a panel talkback in the Education Center. Please come and join this important conversation.


Autism Talk 

Cost: Free
Friday, Sept 2nd at 8:30pm in the Education Center
A conversation on autism following Fly Away, a touching film about a single mom and her journey raising an autistic child.  Representatives from the Colorado Autism Society and filmmaker Leslie Bradshaw (The Greater Good) are on this panel.


Filmmaker Panel: Cultivating Compassion – Documentaries as a vehicle for social change?

Cost: Free
Saturday, Sept 3rd at 2:00pm in the Nomad Theatre
PANEL: A facilitated discussion on the transformational power of documentary with Will Arntz (What the BLEEP Do We Know? & Ghetto Physics), Leslie Bradshaw (The Greater Good), Lisa Cerasoli (50 DAYS with Alzheimer’s), Jessica Sison (My Mother Said), Marc Smolowitz (The Power of Two).


Peace Through Non-violence

Cost: Free
Sunday, Sept 4th at 2:30PM in the Education Center
Following the documentary, Little Town of Bethlehem, join our  panel facilitated by former Christian Peacemaker Team member, Ron Forthofer.  Our panelists include Ida Audeh, a much-published, American-born Palestinian who grew up in the West Bank under Israeli occupation, and Leslie Singer Lomas, a Jewish activist who has been involved in the peace movement for some 20 years.


Communicating with Alzheimer’s

Cost: Free
Sunday, Sept 4th at 4:30pm in the Education Center
Our Shorts Program 2 has two films on Alzheimer’s and dementia. Our panel members include:
Cheryl Parrish – Alzheimer’s Association of Colorado
Megan Carnarius – Balfour Cherrywood Village
Lisa Cerasoli – director of 50 Days with Alzheimer’s