Filmmaker Panel/Talkbacks

Films have the ability to inform, inspire, elevate consciousness, empower, and entertain. In selecting the films for the Festival we seek to cultivate an experience that challenges viewers’  awareness and prompts active participation in the betterment of society. We are thrilled to welcome several of the filmmakers of these films for a Filmmaker Panel discussion, in which we’ll learn about their filmmaking processes, views on film as a impactful educational medium, how one can become a filmmaker and what drives them to transform perspective, feelings and diverse experiences into a performance with purpose. 

Date, Time, Location, Room:

Saturday, October 18, 12.30 PM,  Holiday Event Center, Education Center

Tickets: Free

Panel and Talkbacks

  • JoAnne Tucker (Cheyenne’s Story)
  • James Barrett (Blackbird)
  • Christopher Wilson (You Have his Eyes)
  • … (Derby, Baby)