Keynote Speakers (Student Program)

Jonathan P. Butler

JP HeadshotJP Butler is the current Executive Director and Founder of Quantum Leadership, a nonprofit organization that specializes in community leadership and bullying prevention. JP has been working with youth since 2004 as a mentor and trainer. He has also been a motivational speaker since he was 18 years old. He has a passion to help youth achieve their dreams and to help them find hope, courage, and purpose in everything they do.


Craig Zablocki

Craig1smallCraig wants to bring you a  world where audiences don’t just sit through a humorous keynote, but sit on the edge of their seats. A world where what they learn gets used right away, gets passed on to others, gets results.  A world where everyone leaves more connected to one another, more alive and having more fun. Audiences love Craig’s use of humor to open their minds, encourage laughter and facilitate meaningful change.


Rick Gunn