The 5 Principles of Joy – Discovering the Joy of Being You

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Sunday, October 19, 4.30PM,  Holiday Event Center, Education Center

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Robyn Vie-Carpenter:

The 5 Principles of Joy – Discovering the Joy of Being You

I am a wife, daughter, sister, lover, writer, seeker, medicine woman, teacher. I am here Robyn Vie Carpenter-Briscoto live a live of abundance, harmony and joy.  It was many years ago, when my friend told me that I was the most make lemonade out of lemons person that she knew, that was when I first realized that my perspective on life was unique to some.  Flash forward to the winter of 2010, to a simple and direct question from another friend that brought my life’s mission into focus:

If you could do anything what would you do with your life?

I would travel the world teaching people about joy, I said, without hesitation. Funny thing is, I had never said this before, not even to myself. When I said it, I knew it to be absolute truth. When you have a moment of absolute truth, it can take some time to digest. Once this happened, I understood my mission. I still had to understand what that meant.

The 5 Principles of Joy came to me that winter in 2010. I realized then that 5PJ was how I would be able to teach the world about joy. Through teaching others how to connect to their joy, I would be living my absolute truth. I live in gratitude for what an amazing journey this has been; from seeking guidance with some of my closest confidants to studying some of the world’s greatest spiritual teachers, this has been a journey of connecting and reconnecting. I have revisited old lessons and found new teachers in some of the most surprising places.

My lifetime of living, plus the last 4 years of seeking and finding have culminated in this talk; with gratitude I present:

     The 5 Principles of Joy   –  Discovering the Joy of Being You