2012 Theatre

2012 BolderLife Theatre

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The Program


Is fiery passion still attainable after 30 years of marriage?

Playwright: Tom Coash- New Haven, CT

Director: Erich Toll

Cast: Vonalda Utterback (Doris), Michael Vasicek (Harold)


Sitting Together

A prospective medical student make friends with an older woman and shares her passion for pictures, memories, and a disdain for eavesdroppers.

Playwright: Russell Weeks- Seattle, WA

Director: Boyd McCollum

Cast: Sarah Javors (Carrie), Joel Parker (John), Ellen Ranson (Maggie)


Living in a Road Movie

At what point in a young man’s life is it appropriate to ask your father to reconsider his choices?

Playwright: Judy Klass- Nashville, TN

Director: Ian Gerber

Cast: Cody Cessna (Trey), Greg Winkler (Dad)



Would YOU want to spend an eternity in heaven looking wrinkled and saggy?

Playwright: Elan Garonzik- New York, NY

Director: Vonalda Utterback

Cast: Maureen Cassulo (Lilly), Michael Vasicek (St. Peter)


Food for Thought

In the war between the sexes, is food the ultimate weapon?

Playwright: Rich Rubin- Portland, OR

Director: Janine Kehlenbach

Cast: Dawn Bower (Cindy), Anthony Prichard (Spencer)




The Wonderful World of Science

What happens when a researcher comes face to face with a sufferer of the disease?

Playwright: Steve Gold- Jamesburg, NJ

Director: Marcin Mroz

Cast: Michelle Hanks (Woman), Vanessa Roberts (Lisa, Researcher)


Tag Lines

Is it anyone else’s business what your son or daughter writes in a text?

Playwright: Laura Fois Bosley- New York, NY

Director: Satya Peram

Cast: Michelle Hanks (Meredith), Autumn Lea Mann (Nancy)


Time is Nature’s Way of Ensuring Everything Doesn’t Happen at Once…

Based on a true story…imagine for a moment what life might look like for you if everything happened all at once…

Playwright: Erich Toll- Boulder, CO

Director: Erich Toll

Cast: Patrick Emerick (Eugenios), Bill Graham (Satyricus), Phyl Park (Amius)


Exploding Maggie

What happens when a fictional character rebels against her writer/creator when she disagrees with the dark direction her narrative is taking?

Playwright: Kevin Jones- Cardiff, Wales, UK

Director: Heather Woodruff

Cast: DeAnna Heimsoth (Maggie), Phyl Park (Writer)