Transfomative Power of Film

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Saturday, October 18, 3PM, Education Center


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Have you ever watched a film that moved you so much that it changed the way thought, or even inspired you to action? What if that was happening on a massive scale? Thankfully, it is, and a nationally recognized organization in the Bay Area called Active Voice knows how strategize for and measure it. Activists, nonprofits, business, filmmakers, and any other people or groups with the potential to be change agents will gather at this interactive session exploring how and why we can and should measure the socially transformative power of film to shift patterns of thinking and even spark or fuel movements. Using films in the BolderLife festival and beyond as examples, we’ll get to delve into a new way of thinking and communicating about film that creatives, funders, and evaluators alike can use to actually measure the intent, potential, and reality behind films aspiring to incite social change. Brought to you by The BolderLife Festival, itself built on the ideology that film and the arts can be a powerful catalyst for both personal and social transformation.

Host: Shaady Salehi

free the girls Shaady SalehiShaady Salehi is executive director of Active Voice, a nationally recognized organization that uses powerful films to advance movements for change. With a decade of experience working at the intersection of media and social change, Shaady oversees Active Voice’s diverse portfolio and provides consultation to filmmakers and grantmakers about using stories for social impact. She has spoken extensively at conferences and film festivals around the country, and has sat on review panels for the San Francisco Film Society and the BAVC Producer’s Institute. In addition to being an Aspen Institute Fellow, she serves on the board of Let It Ripple, a nonprofit that experiments with collaborative filmmaking for the common good. She holds an MS in strategic communications from Columbia University, an MA in cultural anthropology from UC Davis, and a BA in anthropology from Oberlin College.