“Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin now.”

BolderLife is excited to present our brand new project called BolderTalks. BolderTalks, inspired by TEDTalks, is a concept that collects and shares the insights of exceptional people. BolderTalks is an opportunity that allows people to share their ideas with the community. These ideas are the ways in which we can create an ongoing dialogue between those who share a passion for life, education, and change. The format allows us to start a conversation with all of the unused what-ifs, how-sos, and what-abouts that you’ve been hoarding in your brain.

BolderTalks invites speakers and performers from all over to provide an authentic voice on topics that are relevant to living a ‘bolder life’.  It is essentially a platform that allows people to share ideas, stories, and educational programs. It is a concept that focuses on reaching out to people and striking up conversation. It is an opportunity for our community to come together and see what is going on in the minds of one another.

The ultimate goal of BolderTalks is to provide a thoroughly enjoyable, free experience in which we can learn from one another, expose ourselves to differing perspectives, and examine who we are as individuals as well as a community. It is designed for the people who are fueled by inspiration; the adventurers and the passionately curious.

At it’s best; BolderTalks is ballast to dominant modes of thoughts and a forum for unique ideas. This new project is here to give the speakers and audience an opportunity to release their thoughts into the community and let people discuss them. BolderTalks launched it’s first event this July and will continue to provide talks throughout the year.