Hitching Post Theatre

Hitching Post Theater started in 2009 as a monthly theatrical event that all took place in one action packed day, from writing, rehearsals, to performance. The attraction to this unique format is the belief that the impossible end-of-the day deadline forces the artists’ instincts to emerge unimpaired by intellect. A taste of this unique format will continue on with Bolder Nights. What you will witness is the end result of what a group of 2 writers, 2 directors and 4 actors will write, rehearse, and perform within 10 1/2 hours of production.

In the early morning, at the start of the big day, we reveal the theme to our 2 writers who then randomly select 2 actors headshots from concealed envelopes. They then have 4 hours to write a 7~10 page short play for their 2 chosen actors. After the short writing period, the scripts are then collected from the writers and immediately duplicated for the individual casts. Once the scripts are ready, they are rushed over to the rehearsal location and the waiting group of actors, directors, assistant directors and stage manager.

It is now time for the directors to randomly choose their scripts from the concealed envelopes and meet the performing artists with whom they will be working. The entire cast and team of directors then have only 6 ½ hours of rehearsal time and preparation before the first show of the evening.

The final creative results are fresh, audacious and wildly entertaining. What takes place on stage is random and unpredictable, therefore the producers have adopted the slogan “We Make No Apologies” for what you, as the audience, will witness. If you love organic, edgy and uninhibited entertainment, then you’ve got to come and experience the Hitching Post Theater .

The 2nd Sunday of every other month a new theme is selected and a collective group of writers, directors and cast come together for the event. We are continually auditioning actors, writers, directors, assistant directors & stage managers for future shows. If you want more information on how to get involved, please email info@rockroseentertainment.com.