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Exploring Life – Inspiring Change

We have a big vision here at BolderLife, and we are excited to bring it to the world. Please read on to find out why we do what we do.

The Vision

Here at BolderLife, we believe in a world nurtures freedom and love and one that holds space for the whole spectrum of human experience. We believe in the power of standing and facing the truth with integrity, no matter how that truth manifests itself in tenderness, love, rage, or despair. We believe in building a world-wide community that practices inclusion, has difficult and courageous conversations, and embraces the beauty of diversity. We invite all stories from the hate-filled misguided adolescent to a mother who unconditionally loves her child, from the forgotten grandparent with Alzheimer’s preparing for solitary death to the brave and generous everyday hero, from the sick and fatigued cancer patient to the passionate lover, from the thriving and energetic athlete to the inspired and stretched artist, and all the vast and infinite ways in which life is embodied.

We believe that freedom, love, dignity, grace, presence and purpose are experienced through fearlessness and non-judgement of all moments of living, leading to more courageous and fulfilled lives for every person on this planet. Ultimately, we seek to celebrate and inspire solutions that promote a more conscious approach to living, whether on a personal, community, or global level, inspiring everyone to live a Bolder Life.

IMG_0967The Mission

The mission of BolderLife is to explore adversity and diversity through film, theater, education, art, and conversation. BolderLife brings these exploratory modalities to adults and youth alike in local and international communities through our festival events and online platforms. Our festival topics and settings are designed to empower our audiences to openly question paradigms and explore new ways of thinking, communicating, and living.

The Festival

For filmmakers, artists, educators and those fueled by inspiration; the adventurers and the passionately curious, the BolderLife Festival provides a common platform for you extraordinary people to share your life stories, purpose and innovation.

BolderLife Films

The BolderLife Films are carefully selected to shed light on timely topics to cultivate discussions to create a platform for growth, learning and inspiration.

BolderLife Educators

BolderLife invites a diverse selection of speakers and educators in complement to the selected films to provide an authentic voice on topics and themes that are highlighted in the festival line-up.

Festival Details

All of the information for the BolderLife Festival including dates, films, plays, educational workshops, original art and music can be found at the FBolderLife Home page or at the menus at the top of the site.
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