Live Streaming

During our BolderLife program, we live stream as many events as possible . These are either interviews, panel discussions, or filmmaker talkbacks after films.

BolderLife Festival Live Stream Channel 1

Live streaming video by Ustream

BolderLife Festival Live Stream Channel 2

Live streaming video by Ustream

Why We Stream

As describe in our vision of BolderLife, we desire to foster a world-wide community. Internet streaming is a vital part of the mission of the BolderLife festival to bring our program to every corner of the world with internet access. We are blessed to live in a time where technology has given us the gift to not only broaden and fine tune our ability to create art, music and performance art, but it has given us an era where we can share our art and find and view works from all over the world. At the click of a button we have a world class gallery, the finest recordings of music, and comedy and drama at our fingertips.

What Is Streamed

We attempt to stream as much content of the festival as we can, although we cannot stream everything. Here is what is streamed:

  • Select films – At the same time the film is screened at the festival venue, we will stream the film below. Some films will also be available for viewing later after the screening and we will post the links on the film program page.
  • Educational programs – All educational workshops are streamed but will not be available for viewing later, so be sure to tune in to the programs you wish to see!
  • Opening and Closing Galas
  • Interviews with filmmakers, attendees and festival staff

What Is Not Streamed

Our theater program is not streamed, although select plays are recorded an uploaded to the website for later viewing. Please visit our theater program page to view the plays once they are available.

Visit the BolderLife Vimeo page to view videos of some of our past live-streamed events.