Fine Art Program 2014

The BolderLife fine art program and gallery will be open in the Lobby of the Holiday Event Center throughout the duration of the festival. We have gathered a group of local artists who inspire with their set of beliefs, their work ethics, design skills, stylistic approaches and interest in focusing on important topics and offering positive inspiring images.

Community Art Project

The BolderLife Festival would like to invite all festival-goers to participate in the BolderLife Community Art Project. The Art Project table will be located in the lobby throughout the Festival and we challenge you to BE BOLD and help us create an incredible work of art! Stop by the table to see how you can participate. The results of this project with be displayed in the Lobby on the last day of the Festival so be sure to come back and see what you have helped to create!


Lisa DiAmor

Lisa DiamorLisa DiAmor is inspired by the diverse layers of the past hidden Lisa Diamor artbeneath layers of paint in our cities and the possibility of change and the vibrancy that change brings.

A background in psychology helps to provide her with an understanding of how powerful the written word can be and why she use it so frequently in her art.

As a self taught artist, Lisa believes that in art, there are no rules.

Mala Setaram-Wolfe

Mala Setaram-Wolfe, originally from Chicago, has lived in Colorado for over 20 years. She attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She likes her artwork to reflect the human experiences, poetically addressing what life has to offer, whether joyful or painful. Her work, which is formed from a variety of media, has been exhibited internationally.
Mala is an art educator for the Jeffco Schools and co-president of Edge Gallery. She also does pet therapy work with her Newfoundland Argos where she visits hospice patients and patients at Craig Hospital.


Linda Gleitz

Linda GleitzLinda studied art at the University of Colorado and then had a family and a job that consumed most of her time for 35 years. She has been fortunate to turn back to her artwork full time for the last three years. She shows locally, regionally and nationally. She enjoys supporting the art community in her home and participates in juried shows, Artwalk, Longmont Studio Tour, and any other art venues she can find. She installed 150 ceramic birds at the Longmont Museum as a part of her “Capistrano” series and facilitated a collaborative project on the same topic at the Salud Medical Clinic in Longmont. She has volunteered art teaching at Soft Voices, a drop in center for mentally ill people in Longmont. She recently completed a mosaic mural with those folks. She also shows nationally in places like Laguna Beach and Chicago. She is linda gleitz artmost proud of her recent inclusion in the “National Women’s Caucus for the Arts Best of 2014” show in Chicago.   She was in the company of some really amazing nationally known artists there and she felt very honored to be included. Her work can be found in some publications including “Night of A Hundred Angels” and “Women’s Right’s an Artist’s Perspective, sponsored by Unite”. Both books are available on Amazon. She hopes to continue making art until the day she dies…hopefully making the world a little more beautiful. This is a recent painting called “We Chose to go to Iowa to Get Married”


 Lauri Keener

Lauri KeenerKeener has been a fixture on the live art scene in Denver now for a number of years, from small bars to much larger concert venues. Mixing music and painting, she has experienced a flourishing of her artistry and exploration of different styles. Along with this, music has been the inspiration for her work of concert posters, with partner Jeff Miller. These have been used by such acts as Widespread Panic, Furthur, Bob Weir and Warren Haynes Christmas Jam. Her studio work offers a view into the exploration of other styles, some more photorealistic, abstract or metaphysical. Whatever style she works with though, and in whatever medium… she always looks to represent the essence of a particular moment.

Her work also extends to murals, which can be seen Laurie artthroughout Denver and even in Kenya and Nicaragua… what’s next?

Keener’s work can be viewed on her website and facebook, in person at the historic Cliff House in Morrison, the Oriental Theater in Denver, and at the gallery she shares with fellow artist Don Callarman at Callarman Studios in Denver.


Keri Mills

KeriMills-086 (ZF-7465-42328-1-005)At six years old, Keri’s father started her off with a camera. Because she was an Army brat, she grew up with many of her formative years spent in Germany. Her family traveled extensively through Europe, and so many of her artistic influences come from the beautiful frescoes adorning cathedrals and palace ceilings found across several countries. Keri was always drawn to the idealistic beauty of the High Renaissance yet also enjoyed the compositional tension and discordant beauty brought out by the Mannerists. Both influences are highly evident in her work today.

Not returning to study art seriously until she was 30 brought all of her life experiences into the creation process. While sometimes she is just after escaping into beauty, more often she creates with a very specific voice ~ and sometimes that voice is screaming. Keri enjoys the freedom, as an artist, to use her creative abilities to serve as social commentary. She learned from masters like Michelangelo and Picasso that art can be about both creating your own brand of beauty or making a declaration of war.

Keri’s work will be shown during the programming focused on Human Trafficking, paired with the film “Im Schatten der Fremde” and the following panel with local experts talking about this topic. Learn more here