Educational Programs

Our educational program sets us apart from other festivals.

Featured Speakers:

 Judith Simmer-Brown Ph.D.

Thursday Sept 20th at 6:00pm – Nomad Theatre
Creating an Enlightened Society in and around Boulder*

(Photo by Elaine Logan)

* Synopsis: Judith’s talk will focus on the creation of an enlightened society in our local community of Boulder and the Front Range, based on a combination of both Buddhist and Shambhala teachings.  By “enlightened society” Judith is referring to a society that is cognisant of, recognizes and honors the basic goodness of each member in that society.

Brought to you in association with Boulder Shambhala Center and Naropa University 

For more information on Judith Simmer-Brown Ph.D. click here.


Rosalind Wiseman
Friday Sept 21st at 5:30pm – Nomad

Saturday Sept 22nd at 10:00am – Nomad – Parents and Children
An interactive, participatory workshop for parents and teens of both sexes. An entertaining, fun seminar where parents and teens get to convey and experience the perspective from the other side. 


Film Host – Gun Hill Road

Call2ACTion: Latina Culture, Family Dynamics, Coming Out 
Sunday Sept 23rd at 6:10 – Education Center 

Come hear Rose Garcia share her story of coming out to her devout Catholic family and how their reaction affected her life. Being of Puerto Rican heritage significantly impacted how she shared her truth.  Have the opportunity to have an open dialogue about your own experience and share thoughts about family dynamics, support, lack of acceptance and coming out.


How To Thrive During Transitions
Presenters: HoloBeing Practitioners Lesley Glenner, Marissa Grasmick, Erin Hernandez, Kate Sciolino and Jessica Reeves
Thursday Sept 20th 4:00- 5:00pm – Education Center

Are you going through a time of change, transition or upheaval? During this mini workshop learn how to find balance and ease amidst whatever life throws your way and also tools to: stay sane during times of change; feel relaxed yet energized during times of stress; integrate your experience so you feel clear, grounded and strong during transitions

The mission of HoloBeing is to assist individuals in the journey toward authentic Selfhood. We integrate Psychotherapy with other healing modalities such as Acupuncture, Rolfing, Nutrition Therapy and Massage. HoloBeing practitioners Leslie Glenner, MA HoloBeing founder, Kate Sciolino L.Ac, Marissa Grasmick, MA,  Erin Hernandez, MA, and Jessica Reeves, LMP, will be presenting. Click here to learn more about HoloBeing and the presenters.


Sweet Fruit From the Bitter Tree – Peaceful Ways Out of Conflict
Presenter: Mark Andreas
Friday Sept 21st, 6:00pm – Education Center
Cost: $8 Students/Seniors $10 Regular

Join us for a reading and a interactive workshop where we’ll explore real-life scenarios in small groups, and learn how others did the radically unexpected to resolve extreme conflict.

This workshop is a part of our peace programming, pairing with our Peace Shorts Program.

Mark is a NLP practitioner and trainer, fiction and nonfiction author, with experience in mediation and wilderness therapy. His new book, Sweet Fruit from the Bitter Tree: 61 Stories of Creative and Compassionate Ways out of Conflict, includes stories from Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, NonViolent Communication founder Marshall Rosenberg, Colonel Christopher P. Hughes, Milton H. Erickson, and more.


Seed Saving for the Gardener & Farmer ~ Seeds of Our Ancestors, Gifts for Our Children 

Presenter: Ross Rogers
Friday Sept 2, 4:45- 5:45p, Exploratorium, outside of Kelly Barn

Join the Living Seed Library for a journey through the life cycle of our beloved plants. From seed, to sprout, to vegetable, to flower and back to seed again. Most all our foods, flowers, and medicinal herbs go through this beautiful process.

Come learn how to grow, harvest, dry and store seeds of our favorite plants. More info at Living Seed Library or email Ross at

Open to all. This workshop is paired with our feature documentary, Urban Oddyssey.


Filmmaker Panel 
Presenters: Attending Filmmakers 
Saturday Sept 22nd at 11:30a – Education Center 

Come hear our attending filmmakers share their stories, experience and expertise on filmmaking.


 Soul Sex: Intimacy, soulful and sensual connections in a Modern World
Presenter: Jenny Ferry
Saturday Sept 22nd, 5:30pm – Education Center
Cost: $8 Students/Seniors $10 Regular

Jenny Ferry is a leader in the emerging field of conscious sexuality, and author of the forthcoming book, Soul Sex:   Creating the Conscious Connection You Crave.  Jenny is more than a coach, she works with groups and individuals as an agent of desire in the field of creating soulful intimacy in people’s lives.  She is on a mission to magnify the connection between sex and the simple, sacred joy of living an uncompromised life, teeming with the fulfillment of your desires.

A visionary and dynamic speaker, Jenny leads workshops throughout the U.S. and Canada, and works with private clients across the globe. She dedicates her mission to showing people how to flood their lives with energy, use desire as a compass, and come fully alive to open up the way for people to experience nourishing, intimate, electrifying sexual and sensual practices.

Jenny is highly regarded for her down-to-earth, compassionate coaching and leadership.  Based out of Boulder, Jenny runs local community workshops at Prana Boulder, on Pearl St, and at the new Prana Denver in Cherry Creek.


Tango Workshop with Dance of the Heart
Presenters: Brian Dunn & Deborah Sclar
Thursday Sept 20, 8:45p- 10:45p – Kelly Barn
Known internationally, Brian & Deb combine their passion for performing Argentine Tango music and dance with teaching under the company name “Dance of the Heart,” established in 1998. With many years of experience as teachers and performers, they distill the excitement, mystery, and magic of tango and convey the vibrancy, intensity, humor, and sensuality contained within the beautiful art-form. Join their class,  8:45- 9:45p,  with open dancing until 10:45p.
This workshop will paired with feature documentary, Tango Your Life, shown right before the class at 7:30 in the Barn.

CLICK HERE FOR MORE ART IN MOTION WORKSHOPS including Laughter Yoga, Hip Hop, Moving Perspectives & more. 


Where Has Your Grief Gone?
Presenter: Carole Lindroos, MA LPC
Saturday Sept 22nd, 7:45pm – Educational Center


Life is constantly changing and grief is ever present. How do we connect with ourselves and others through our losses and create deeper connections rather than distance? Join us to acknowledge and listen with our minds and hearts. This is both a didactic and experiential presentation.

Carole Lindroos, MA LPC has been a licensed professional counselor since 1994, and is in private practice in Boulder. She has been a hospice chaplain, served as program director of a nonprofit supporting those diagnosed with cancer and their families and offers workshops and seminars on grief and end of life issues. She is an engaging and skillful presenter. Her website is


Brian Education: Health, Happiness, and Peace 
Presenter: Ike Nelson
Sunday, September 23rd, 12:15- 1:15p- Kelly Barn
A workshop for educators, parents and community members interested in brain education.


In Justice, inAccord: Alternative Dispute Resolution Workshop
Presenter: Shauna Ries
Saturday, September 22nd, 3pm- Educational Center

Shauna Ries, President of Mediators without Borders; Author of Injustice, inAccord Presents this workshop on learning to make the covert, overt in conflict situations. This 45-minute interactive workshop and presentation will provide insight into the Touchstone Skills, utilized by mediators globally. 

This workshop will be paired with Fambul Tok, screening at 1:30pm, Saturday in the Nomad Theatre. 


End of Life Support Workshop

Presenters: Halcyon Hospice and Palliative Care
Sunday, Sept 23rd, 8:30p -Kelly Barn
Following BolderLife’s Alzheimer’s programming, Halcyon Hospice and Palliative Care will facilitate a workshop and discussion on end of life care.
Hospice care does not seek to cure, hasten or prolong, but instead offers comfort and support for patients and their families. Hospice facilitates emotional and spiritual growth while physical conditions change. Hospice care is provided everywhere. The hospice team specialized in the physical, social, spiritual and emotional care of the patient and family, with professionals and volunteers available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Hospice care honors the potential for growth in this cycle of life, bringing a clinically-directed, interdisciplinary team to nurture, support and heal during the last stages of an illness and bereavement period. Halcyon prides itself in being non-discriminatory.

This workshop will be paired with films Vittorio andCord, screening at the Kelly Barn on Sunday 9/23 at 7:00pm.