2013 Theater Program

2013 BolderLife Theater Program

hitching post theaterBolderLife is excited to bring another year of fantastic plays to this year’s multi-media festival! We have two separate performance days scheduled, so please check out the information below for the plays, actors, directors and playwrights that are involved in this year’s festival.

For more information about the playwrights, directors and actors, please check them out on our dedicated pages:

Performance Days/Times

The BolderLife plays will each be performed during both of the following dates and times:

Program Order

The Theater Program consists of 6 plays this year, and each performance will include an intermission after the third play “Trayvon – Killing King’s Dream”.



Logline: Ever wonder what really goes on in the head of a severely handicapped person?  Can they hear everything you’re saying?
Playwright:  Amy Cuomo
Director:  Autumn Mann
Cast:  David Oakeley, Jennifer So, and Meghan Wescombe


Heart and Soul

Logline: When HE loses his heart and soul, SHE tells him that it happens to everyone.  Can SHE drag him down the path of material distraction?
Playwright:  George J. Bryjak
Director:  Boyd McCullum
Cast: Joe LaFollette and Laura Lee


Trayvon- Killing King’s Dream

Logline: After hearing the verdict in the Martin/ Zimmerman case, co-workers play out the deadly affect it could have on society.
Playwright:  Steven Schenck
Director/Vocalist:  Sheila Ivy Traister
Cast: Artie Ray, Sam Gilstrap, and Banji Osindero            Musical Consultant: Ben Makinen


Feng Shui Fever

Logline: What happens when a book on Feng Shui gets into the hands of a desperate woman during a dark night of the soul?
Playwright:  Nicolette Vajtay
Director:  Erich Toll
Cast:  Christine Vitale and Marc Moran


Mr. Fantastic

Logline: Jeanna and Harry are a married couple approaching their twilight years. Jeanna believes she knows everything about her husband, but is surprised to find silver platform shoes in a parcel delivered to their home. Is there another side to Harry she has never realized?
Playwright: Kevin Jones
Director: Danielle Lombardo
Cast: Kristin Keating and Mark Ogle


Paradise Lost

Logline: An ordinary couple’s ordinary evening is disturbed by an ordinary occurrence that triggers an extraordinarily seismic shift in the way they view their lives. At turns absurd and heartbreaking, Paradise Lost is an allegory about the dawning of self-awareness at the possible cost of comfort and contentment.
Playwright: Jeffrey Neuman
Director: Pamela Cuming
Cast: Catherine McGuire and Kevin Cunningham


Performance Location

Location:  Denver Crossroads Theater – 2590 Washington St, Denver, CO 80205.

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