Theater Program 2014

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Performance Days/Times

The BolderLife plays will each be performed during both of the following dates and times:

Friday October 17th, 2014 – 7:00pm

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Saturday October 18th, 2014 – 3:00pm

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theater(1)BolderLife, we seek to continue exploring the conflicts in life through theatre. The beauty of theatre is the live setting it provides, where people are moving and breathing in front of you, connecting in the most human way possible. Every year we are proud to present a theatre program within the BolderLife Festival event. BolderLife will be producing 8- 10minute plays for this years festival. These plays will be fully produced and performed in October. Actors and Directors are based in the Denver Metro area, Playwrights are international.IMG_9349

For more information about the playwrights, directors and actors, please check them out on our dedicated pages:

Program Order

How Leaving Came To Me

Logline: How Leaving Came To Me is a story told by one woman. She tells of  what it was like to grow up in West Virgina and how hard it can be to break the chain of domestic abuse. Playwright: Richard Ballon Director: Deborah Voss Cast: Tresha Farris

Shirley Vs. The Squirrels

Logline: Shirley vs. Squirrels is a play about a woman named Shirley, her daughter and how they both deal with a major loss in their lives. The play is both funny and touching. Playwright: Camilla Maxwell Director: Erich Toll Cast: Maru Garcia, Nikki Cimino, Jason Kelly


Logline: Have you been ignored, insulted and discarded all your life?  You may be a Superhero! PlaywrightMark Levine Director: Vonalda Utterback Cast:  Erica Young, Joe Illingworth

IMG_9358 Taking Up Space

Logline: A everyday couple struggle to come to terms with a big change in their fortunes, and a world that has seemingly become a very hostile and threatening place to exist. Playwright: John Greiner Ferris Director: Andrew Novell Cast: Lindsey Kyker, Brent Podoseck

The Last Waltz

Logline: The Last Waltz is a play about fate and the wonderfully adventerous experience it can be to find love. This beautiful piece will warm your heart and have you thinking about that special someone. Playwright: Alan O’Hashi  Director: Cast: Erica Young, Dawn Bower

The Lilac Ticket

Logline: Two crises threaten to tear Sam and Barb’s 50-year marriage apart: one happening now, at the doctor’s office, and the other, a long-buried secret. Playwright: C.J. EhrlichDirector:Madge MontgomeryCast: Ellen Ranson , Gary Crow-Willard


Logline: Transformation is a play about survival. Three women face the truth about their own personal definition of integrity. Playwright: Bara SwainDirector:Winnie Wenglewick Cast: Betsey Cassell, Rachel Ricca, Renee Leggatt

A Long TripIMG_9369

Logline: An elderly man’s wife begins to suffer from diminished faculties, and as he struggles to jog her memories of their first date, we see their younger selves experiencing that date for the first time. Playwright: DAN McGEEHAN Director: Zach Brown Cast:  Peri , Cathy Washburn, Jim Valone, Tyler Peyton   Please, stay tuned for detailed dates. If you have any questions please email Theater Program Director Deborah Voss at For more information about the BolderLife Festival theatre program click here