The BolderLife Program

Cinema seats 4BolderLife is a one week event that supports emotional education and growth with programming aimed at high-school students and the wider community. We introduce difficult and taboo topics through film, theatre, fine art and dance, then deepen the conversation with professional speakers and workshops that help audiences explore discomfort, cultivate mindfulness and live in courage. Our event brings community together to learn and grow both locally at our yearly event and internationally through our live-stream.



Our approach is simple and effective. First, we introduce timely, taboo, and transitional topics with art, most commonly films. Then, each artwork is paired with an educational program supported by local and international organizations and educators. The educational component deepens audience participation and leads to breakthroughs.



Student Programstudent program_n

BolderLife hosts local high schools and middle schools for a day of films and conversation cultivating emotional intelligence and social and emotional learning which are correlated not only with success in school & career, but also with fulfillment and health in life. Learn with us


Film Programfilm program_n

We are seeking, choosing and showcasing films that share our mission of exploring life and inspiring change through art and emotional education.The BolderLife Films are carefully selected to shed light on timely topics to cultivate discussions to create a platform for growth, learning and inspiration. Watch our films


Theatre Programtheater_n

At BolderLife, we seek to continue exploring the conflicts in life through theatre. The beauty of theatre is the live setting it provides, where people are moving and breathing in front of you, connecting in the most human way possible. Play with us


Education Programlady heart and brain

BolderLife invites a diverse selection of speakers and educators in complement to the selected films to provide an authentic voice on topics and themes that are highlighted in the festival line-up. Learn with us



Dance Program

We at BolderLife desire to give artists a platform to showcase their work in the dance program and truly connect to and engage the community we wish to foster. Live performance has been and always will be the most fundamental way in which we share our stories and explore the deeper questions in the contemporary context of the times. Dance with us


Fine Art Program

In the BolderLife Fine Art Program we have gathered a group of local artists who inspire with their set of beliefs, their work ethics, design skills, stylistic approaches and interest in focusing on important topics and offering positive inspiring images. Create with us

The detailed  October 2014 Program and schedule at a glance  will be available soon. Stay tuned.





To see our past programing please visit our History page.